Previous staff, interns, and contractors

Rachael Perkins Arenstein

Contract Conservator, 2006-Present

Projects: Cyclododecane research, Natural Sciences Collections Conservation Website, Horse exhibition treatment and documentation, Vertebrate zoology conservation treatment

Bio: Rachael Perkins Arenstein is a partner in A.M. Art Conservation, LLC which provides conservation treatment, preservation consulting and collection management services to museum and private clients.  Rachael worked from 1997-2000 in the American Museum of Natural History’s Anthropology Conservation Lab and subsequently at institutions including the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology and the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.  She is a Professional Associate in the American Institute for Conservation.   Rachael’s conservation degree is from the University College London, University of London.


Linda Nieuwenhuizen,

Contract Conservator, 2007-Present

Projects: Darwin, Gold and Horse Exhibitions

Bio: Linda Nieuwenhuizen, Conservator of Give Me A Break Conservation Services, Inc. (GMAB) provides conservation consultation, assessment, surveys, and treatment of objects for museums, galleries, and individuals; GMAB specializes in the care and treatment of 3-dimensional, mixed-media objects, odd and/or organic, modern and contemporary materials, ethnographic/archaeological materials, and natural history specimens. Additionally, Linda lectures and publishes on conservation topics and is an adjunct professor at the Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Art, New York University.


Christina Krumrine

Contract Conservator, 2008-20013

Projects: Extreme Mammals exhibition

Bio:  Christina Krumrine received her Master’s Degree from the Art Conservation Program at Buffalo State College in 1989. She has worked at The Victoria & Albert Museum, The Metropolitan Museum, The Brooklyn Museum and The American Museum of Natural History.  As a conservator in private practice, Christina’s clients have included The U.S. Department of Justice, Citibank, The University Club of NYC, The Hotchkiss School, galleries and private collectors.  Christina is a Professional Associate of the American Institute for Conservation.


Bethany Palumbo

Fellow, 2011-2012

Project: North American Mammals habitat diorama renovation team

Bio: Bethany Palumbo holds a BA in Conservation and Restoration from the University of Lincoln and will receive an MA for the Conservation of Historic Objects in January 2013. She is a Conservation Fellow for Natural Sciences Conservation at the American Museum of Natural History. She began the fellowship in March 2011, working on the renovation of the habitat dioramas in the Hall of North American Mammals. Prior to this, Bethany has interned at the University of Cambridge in the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences and the Museum of Zoology. She is an active member of SPNHC and serves on the electoral and conservation committees. 


Becca Pollak

Intern, 2010-2011

Projects: North American Mammals habitat diorama renovation – recoloring research

Bio: Becca Pollak will complete her MA and Certificate of Advanced Study in Art Conservation at Buffalo State College, class of 2014. Prior to her graduate studies, Ms. Pollak was Manager and then Technical Advisor for the New York office of Kremer Pigments, Inc. She interned with Lisa Kronthal Elkin and Elizabeth Nunan in the Natural Science Conservation lab at the American Museum of Natural History from 2010-2011, where she collaborated in the development of improved methods for the recoloring of taxidermy specimens in the renovation of the Hall of North American Mammals. Previous to her time at AMNH, Becca completed several pre-program internships and fellowships in paper and photo conservation, as well as technician positions in private labs in Chicago and New York.


Fran Ritchie

Intern, January 2009-August 2009; Conservation Technician, August 2009-August 2010

Projects:  Health & Safety section of the lab’s website, conservation of natural history specimens from "Darwin" traveling exhibit, Exhibition Risk Assessment
Bio:  Fran Ritchie graduated from the University of Delaware in 2006 with a BA degree in Art Conservation and Anthropology and completed an MA in Museum Anthropology at Columbia University in the Fall of 2009.  She will earn a MA and CAS in Art Conservation from Buffalo State College specializing in objects, Class of 2013.


Alexandra Fernandez

Intern, 2008 – 2009

Projects:  Survey techniques study and Risk Assessment grant funded project

Bio:  Alexandra Fernandez graduated from Fordham University in 2005 with a degree in Anthropology and Visual Arts.  She worked in various capacities in other AMNH departments for eight years.


Eugenie Milroy

Contract Conservator, 2008

Projects: Horse exhibition treatment and documentation

Bio: Eugenie Milroy is a partner in A.M. Art Conservation, LLC which provides conservation treatment, preservation consulting and collection management services to museum and private clients. Eugenie worked from 1999-2004 in the American Museum of Natural History’s Anthropology Conservation Lab.  She has also held positions at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Brooklyn Museum. Eugenie’s graduate degree in art conservation and art history is from New York University’s Conservation Center/Institute of Fine Arts.


Kirsten Travers

Intern, 2008

Projects:  Survey of Invertebrate Zoology Fluid Preserved Collections, Assisted on Horse exhibit treatments. 

Bio: Kirsten Travers holds a degree in studio art and has worked as a decorative painter and freelance conservation technician, assisting conservators in private practice with large scale projects treating outdoor sculpture, monuments, and murals. In 2009 Kirsten completed her first year at the Winterthur / University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, with a concentration in painted surfaces.


Samantha M. Huggins

Collections Analyst, 2005-2008

Projects: Research Collections Risk Assessment, Collections Preparedness and Response 

Bio:  Prior to Samantha Huggins’s work at AMNH she was the Collections Manager for the Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium where she also completed a BS in Plant Biology with emphasis in Earth Science.  After working in the Natural Sciences Lab Samantha worked as the museum’s Sustainability Coordinator.


Andrea Youngfert

Intern, Summer 2005, Summer 2006, Conservation Technician July – December 2006

Projects:  Paleontology Type Specimen Rehousing Project, Wasp Nest Rehousing, Pyrite Specimen Risk Assessment

Bio: Andrea Youngfert obtained her B.A. in both Art History and Art Conservation from the University of Delaware.  As of 2009 she worked at the Weissman Preservation Center of Harvard University as a Conservation Technician for Photographic Materials.


Cindy Albertson

Intern, September 2005 - August 2006

Projects:  Wasp Nest Preservation Project

Bio:  Since her internship at the AMNH, Cindy Albertson has earned her MA with a Certificate of Advanced Study from the Art Conservation Program at Buffalo State College.  She is currently an Assistant Conservator in the paintings lab at the Museum of Modern Art, and also works in private practice. 


Anna Jerve

Intern, Summer 2006

Projects: Fossil Mammal Type Rehousing Project

Bio:  Anna Jerve received her B.A. in Geology from Macalester College (St. Paul, MN) and a M.Sc. in Geological Sciences from Michigan State University, where she studied inner ear morphology in sharks.  She did outreach work and curation for each of the above institutions, in addition to volunteering for several years in the Dinosaurs and Fossils Gallery at the Science Museum of Minnesota.  She is currently a doctoral student at Uppsala University, in Sweden, studying fin-spine morphology and evolution in early gnathostome fishes. 


Christina Bisulca

Intern, June - August 2003; June 2004 - January 2005

Projects:  Alkoxysilanes for consolidation of dinosaur bone; Fluid surveys (Mammalogy and Entomology); Deterioration of fossil resins; Analysis of corrosion in metal tags used in fluid collections (Herpetology)
Bio: Christina Bisulca has a BA in chemistry and art history (Rutgers University, 1999) and a MS in objects conservation (Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art conservation, 2005). Since graduating she has worked at several institutions, including Rutgers University, the Freer Department of Conservation and Scientific Research, and the Istituto di Fisica Applicata "Nello Carrara" in Florence, Italy. She is currently completing a Ph.D. in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Arizona.


Melody Chen

Intern, October 2003 – January 2005

Projects:  Mammology department nitrate negatives condition survey; Treatment of a bison head mount; Sub-fossil moose rehousing.

Bio: Melody Chen received her B.A. in biology and art history from NYU in 2005, and interned at the AMNH natural sciences conservation department and the Morgan Library and Museum during her studies.  In 2007 she entered the Buffalo State College art conservation department and received an M.A. and C.A.S. in 2010, specializing in paper, and is currently working in Taipei, Taiwan.


Kristie Short-Traxler

Intern, Summer 2004

Projects: Researching storage improvements for pyrite & marcasite specimens in the storage in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Research into storage upgrades and Oddy testing for mammalogy storage areas.

Bio:  Kristie holds a M.A. in Theory and Principles of Conservation and a MSc in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums from the University of London.  She left AMNH for a conservation position with the Oxford University Library Services.


Caitlin O’Grady

Intern, 2002

Projects: Herpetology Specimen Condition Survey; Condition and Storage Planning for Sub-fossil Moose Specimens; Research on environmental conditions for bone storage

Bio: Caitlin O’Grady received her MA in Art History and Advanced Certificate in Objects Conservation from New York University in 2004, a MS in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Arizona in 2007 and is expected to complete her Ph.D. in Conservation Science from the University of Arizona in 2009. She became the Conservator at the Virginia Department of Historic Resources specializing in archaeological objects conservation, analysis and treatment.