The Felix M. Warburg Hall of New York State Environment focuses on the village of Pine Plains and Stissing Mountain in New York’s Dutchess County, an area that includes mountains, natural lakes, forests, rock formations, and both wild and cultivated land. The hall’s exhibits highlight the changes in the landscape since Precambrian times, its seasonal and natural cycles, and its plant and animal life. 

Cutaway views of the mountain and terrain, along with fossils, mineral specimens, and topographical maps, illustrate the geologic history of the area. Another series of exhibits describes the role of agriculture on the local ecology, with displays about crop rotation, the management of an apple orchard, natural fertilizers in the soil, and the cycles of nutrition and decay. Dioramas also showcase forest and wetland ecosystems.

An exhibit about life in the soil depicts animals living below ground in a farmer’s lawn and at the edge of woodland, with views of tunnels, nests, and burrows used by moles, chipmunks, mice, yellowjackets, Japanese beetle larvae, ants, and earthworms.

Felix M. Warburg Hall of New York State Environment